Design and Mechanical Development

As a supplier to the automotive industry, we use state-of-the-art CAD tools (computer-aided design). Developing three-dimensional models helps us to carry out simulations and tests on virtual prototypes in an early phase of the projects.

We use different programs at our various global development sites to offer our customers the best possible system interface. By exchanging data with our customers it is possible to coordinate the individual components virtually in the early development phase.

Thus, our portfolio includes Catia V5, IDEAS NX 12 and UG NX 5 as well as Pro/E. These CAD tools also offer different import and export options for our RF simulation tools.

In view of the fact that the production of sample parts is a mostly cost-intensive and time-critical element, competent planning and construction with state-of-the-art CAD technology pays off. In addition to the advantage of networked and digital data transmission, we also offer you personal proximity to our specialists with our global positioning. The principle here is "Think global  act local".

During the development phase, weight optimisation is naturally taken into account, in addition to the functional property of a component, in order to help enhance performance and greater environmental compatibility in the vehicles.