Quality Policy

We rule our activities by the following quality principles:

  1. Our goal is total satisfaction of our customers' expectations through the quality, delivery and competitive performance of our products and services. We continuously analyze and prioritize the requirements and expectations of all involved interested parties and target for excellence in the course of our daily activities.
  2. Quality and continual improvement are targets and commitments of each individual employee as well as of the overall organization.
  3. Our directives, processes, systems and targets are based on requirements of global legislation and standards, customer expectations and requirements as well as on our experience and knowledge. The understanding and compliance with these directives and processes are the basis of our quality.
  4. Quality means doing well since the beginning and "at first time“, thus preventing the occurrence of defects at the end. Continuous quality improvement of our processes, continuous learning of our organization and empowerment of our staff reduce the costs and increase productivity.
  5. We apply systematic state of the art methods and tools based on risk thinking to avoid failures and to eliminate their causes upfront. We learn from mistakes and avoid their recurrence.
  6. Our suppliers and service providers contribute substantially to the quality of our products. Thus we require to our suppliers the same quality standards adopted by us.

By practising our guiding principles, every Kathrein Automotive employee is responsible for fulfilling or exceeding our customers' requirements and expectations with top-class solutions and services.

Conflict minerals policy

Commitment for "conflict free" materials and components

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Energy and resource efficiency

Using natural resources in a responsible way

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