Safety & Environment

Sustainable Development and Responsibility

We accept that our actions are consistent with economic development, ecology and our responsibility to the community and future generations. For this reason, respect for safety and health, rational use of resources and clean environment are the basic principles of our policy. All employees are responsible for help in the prevention of risks to the people and the environment as well for the compliance with legal and other requirements applicable to the environment, safety and health. It is the responsibility of leadership to identify the risks and impacts, to assess them and to take the appropriate actions. 


We manufacture products that are safe, economical and ecological. Our products contribute to the improvement of safety and health and living conditions and help to reduce environmental impact. This also comprises a consequent, sustainable recycling policy.


In the design of processes, we assume that the safety and health of people take priority and that the effects on the environment should be minimized. We are prepared to respond to possible emergency situations very quickly. This reflects also the spirit we apply in our cooperation with our suppliers of goods and services. 

Continuous improvement

Our processes and procedures are checked regularly. On a frequent base we evaluate all possible effects on people and on the environment. Thus, we identify weaknesses and potential areas for improvement and assure an effective program for the environment, health and safety.