Antenna Sites

Any system is only ever as good as the individual components it contains. An efficient telecommunications network is made up of strategically arranged antenna sites which in turn comprise individual antennas and transmitters. In view of increasing complexity and high customer demands, network operators currently face major challenges in terms of quality. These particularly concern the planning, conception and maintenance of their antenna sites. After all, the very highest level of technological performance is required: if the smallest unit fails, the entire network ceases to function.

Kathrein supports network operators with its decades of expertise in handling increased complexity of individual antenna sites as well as regulation, power levels, provision and site servicing. By means of clever concealment services, we help companies integrate antennas invisibly in the urban or rural landscape, offering smart solutions for the interference-free implementation of site-sharing.

Due to our individualised services, end users benefit from an optimum customer experience, while companies enjoy worthwhile total cost of ownership and maximum total value of ownership.


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