Aesthetic. Modular. Compact.

When it comes to making the roofs of buildings more attractive despite the required antennas, as well as significantly reducing the installation, maintenance and repair work involved, building owners and mobile network operators are increasingly opting for Kathrein’s innovative iK-Tube antenna technology.


In view of increasing mobility and new technologies such as the fast Internet LTE (4G), mobile network providers are having to install more and more mobile communication antennas on the roofs of buildings - all over the world. This is leading to increased resentment as antennas come to dominate urban landscapes - even in inner city areas with listed buildings and important historical architecture.
In addition to this, the installation, maintenance and repair of such facilities pose a major challenge for operators. Technicians require elaborate protection from the potential risk of falling building parts, which generates considerable costs and means that maintenance work takes longer.

Kathrein solution

Kathrein's patented, innovative iK-Tube antenna technology offers a solution to tackle both challenges. The jointed mast can be folded down allowing technicians to save time by carrying out maintenance and repair work more efficiently. Safety measures can be significantly reduced, too. And the installation, retrofit and upgrade of the antennas is considerably more straightforward. This work can be carried out as a turnkey project if the customer so wishes. Kathrein takes on responsibility for the entire project from planning and installation through to final approval and handover.
Visually speaking, the iK-Tube antenna mast perfectly matches the individual topography of a building, conveying a much more harmonious impression overall.


iK-Tube is a smart solution for network operators, enabling drastic reductions in maintenance and repair time. Costs can be reduced significantly given that staff deployment is more efficient and maintenance cycles are optimised. The solution also means that, despite the required increase in antenna installation, the overall result is much more aesthetic. This is because iK-Tube fits perfectly into the existing topography, contributing to a more harmonious urban landscape and building appearance.