Impressive Mobile Network Coverage on Mauritius

World premiere on Mauritius: in order to ensure optimum mobile network coverage at the Hennessey Park Hotel, the building complex was fitted with Kathrein’s Micro C-RAN system K-BOW. In times of increasing demand for optimum network coverage, signal quality and bandwidth, network operator Emtel opted for an innovative technology offering numerous benefits.


Excellent network coverage is required in the hotel complex at the heart of the technology park Ebene CyberCity on the island of Mauritius so as to meet the high digital demands of the hotel’s business guests. Mobile devices have to enable a consistently high level of data transmission quality in all areas of the hotel. This includes conference rooms, bars, restaurants, the spa and fitness centre, offices and of course guest rooms, as well as the basement levels, where signal provision is more difficult. The hotel operator also wanted the system to be capable of later expansion without requiring elaborate additional installations. Another key factor was the appearance of the network hubs and their integration in the existing design of the hotel.

Kathrein solution

Emtel opted for K-BOW because it met all the requirements of both the mobile network operator and the building proprietor in terms of technology and service. Kathrein took care of the complete implementation, from planning and installation through to commissioning and operation. Another important point for the hotel operator was that the visible K-BOW system units - which had won the renowned iF design award - blended in perfectly with the modern hotel architecture.
K-BOW now clusters the mobile network signals in a central RAN platform and transmits individually combined data signals to remote units distributed throughout the complex. Capacities can be increased or reduced in different sections of the building by remote access depending on needs. The system also uses as much as 50 per cent less energy than passive solutions. Implementation as a turn-key project guaranteed a smooth process.


Stable mobile network connections with high data throughput rates – K-BOW enables guests at the Hennessey Park Hotel to benefit from the best possible signal quality. This has boosted customer satisfaction and ultimately increased the hotel’s competitiveness. The project was implemented highly efficiently while the hotel continued to operate as normal: the entire operation took just 45 days from the start of planning through to the launch of the system. The installation was a successful pilot project for Emtel as the contracting client. Paul Valette, CTO of Emtel, said: “We were impressed by the overall K-BOW package. The key benefits of the system are its flexibility and modular structure: with this we can guarantee our customers excellent coverage. It was important for us to save on energy and costs, too. And the modern, elegant design of the system matches our premises very well." In the long term the aim is to apply the system throughout the entire Ebene CyberCity technology park.