Indoor DAS for RCS & RDS

In order to remain competitive, high-quality mobile network coverage is a key issue for Romanian mobile network provider RCS & RDS. The company opted to collaborate with the Kathrein subsidiary, Romkatel, in order to improve its end customer service. 


RCS & RDS is one of the biggest providers of telecommunication services in South Eastern Europe and also Romania’s biggest provider of TV (cable and satellite) and fixed Internet. In order to keep ahead of competitors and remain attractive to customers, the aim was to achieve noticeably improved quality when it came to indoor coverage. 

Kathrein solution

RCS & RDS chose Romkatel as a reliable and highly service-oriented partner to support the establishment of indoor DAS (Distributed Antenna System) in numerous buildings. Typical antennas used for these installations were bi-directional and directional antennas mounted on walls and omnidirectional antennas attached to the ceiling. More than 70 passive distributed antenna systems (DAS) were installed in shopping malls, supermarkets and office buildings. All in all, 700 Kathrein indoor antennas, 300 splitters and 350 tappers were used for the RCS & RDS single-operator projects.


Starting with the design phase and material logistics, through to a comprehensive implementation service, Romkatel was able to successfully tackle the complex challenges posed. 
RCS & RDS was especially impressed with the high degree of reliability demonstrated by the Kathrein hardware and the one hundred per cent availability. For the mobile network provider, one of the key factors in awarding the contract was the extensive expertise of the design and implementation team. In this project, Romkatel proved itself to be an expert partner in meeting important turn-key project targets.