Micro C-RAN Capacity Solution

With K-BOW Kathrein enters a new dimension in in-house mobile broadband. By combining the synergies and experience available from the areas of highly efficient antennas, RF signal processing and power amplification technology, Kathrein is providing a future-proof solution for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • K-BOW is a Micro C-RAN System, which makes use of a centralised base station pool. It transforms an indoor mobile communication environment into a flexible multi-operator, multi-band and multi-standard network.
  • K-BOW provides flexible signal distribution and routing over all supported frequency bands and technologies, thereby enabling an optimal capacity distribution within the very dense traffic areas of the network.
  • K-BOW deployments are future-proof. The Kathrein system is technology independent and includes MIMO capability from day one. LTE-A features are transparently supported. The system is expandable in live operation. No additional cabling required.
  • K-BOW is designed with a minimum requirement on installation efforts. Install, connect, commission: no lengthy configuration and calibration – one time visit.