Total Cost of Ownership

Optimising Your Total Cost of Ownership

K-BOW gives you short response times to end customers. If your corporate customer wants to move from one floor to another or needs a service upgrade for more mobile broadband capacity in its executive floors, K-BOW MNOs can:

  • Remotely run independent single or multi-operator strategy based on a single platform which is compatible with OEM base station solutions
  • Remotely change the capacity by sectorisation in a defined area in realtime
  • Remotely optimise the coverage and capacity within a building or campus
  • Increase of data capacities as required by activating integrated LTE-MIMO functionalities
  • Remotely activate adjacent services (small cells, sensor networks or WiFi access points) by using transparent IP channels available at the Remote Unit with up to 700 Mbps
  • Eliminate costly system leveling activities of installation teams with automatic calibration
  • Avoid the need to access premises in order to add new carriers or introduce MIMO. This is managed remotely from the network operations centre

Network sharing is one of the key ways to share investment and hence reduce capital expenditure. Kathrein K-BOW supports multi-operator connectivity and offers the opportunity to target dedicated MNO signals at dedicated sectors in specific areas within a building or area.

In traditional systems, a signal cocktail of all connected bands and carriers is transmitted over a distributed antenna arm. With Kathrein's unique K-BOW power saving options, selected bands and carriers can be switched on and off per small cell sector.

The fast development of telecom standards and features to improve spectral efficiency and network capacity is a challenge for most traditional systems. K-BOW is designed to capture all of today's legacy system requirements such as 2 x 2 MIMO and is prepared for 3GPP release 11 and 12 features to further enhance the end-user experience. Examples of these features include Carrier Aggregation, CoMP, etc. K-BOW is built on a highly flexible platform to further develop the K-BOW solution as per industry and MNO needs.

Since all the K-BOW functionalities are managed remotely by a node manager, capacity allocation can be delivered on-demand. K-BOW becomes the SON enabler for indoor and campus deployments, thereby saving expensive network resources and reducing the number of field support personnel needed to manage a continuously changing environment.

These future-proof features ensure the best total cost of ownership for the entire product life cycle.

High Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for High Data Rates

Long coax cabling between RU amplifier and antenna will not only attenuate the signal, but it will also degrade it with respect to the noise level. K-BOW brings the amplifier directly to the antenna and supports the best possible signal

to noise ratio. Selected amplifiers and high-quality components in the whole signal chain from the base station output to the antenna ensure a high SNR and enable the system to meet the demand on high data rates in the building.

Traditional DAS system

K-BOW with high SNR