Distributed Access Architecture

The data transmission standard DOCSIS 3.1 allows network operators to benefit from a whole new range of possibilities when upgrading HFC networks. The basic idea is to distribute parts of the central CCAP platform throughout the network (hence the name Distributed Access Architecture - DAA). The interface between the detached and central parts of the CCAP is implemented in a standardised form so that components made by different manufacturers can be used. Digitisation of the optical path offers a number of advantages. Analogue transmitters and receivers do not need to be updated, signal quality is improved and the amount of space and energy required in the headend is significantly reduced.

Leading network operators have opted to establish DAA structures by means of Remote PHY. This means that essential components of the CCAP remain centrally located in the headend so that they can be upgraded easily when the anticipated technological advancements are introduced. Kathrein started developing the technology required very early on, so as to be actively involved in shaping the market trend towards Remote PHY. However, different DAA structures can also be realised on request.

Remote PHY devices service the interface between digital and analogue network segments. This perfectly brings together Kathrein’s wide-ranging experience of both HF transmission and the DOCSIS environment. Here we adhere to all the relevant Remote PHY standards, so as to guarantee compatibility with all compliant CCAP platforms. In ongoing dialogue with our customers, we are able to adapt the range of functions flexibly and individually to develop the best possible solution together.


  • Planning: feasibility planning, site survey, realisation planning
  • Implementation: installation service, start-up/site acceptance, project management
  • Material provisioning: accessories, consumables, spare parts
  • Maintenance: technical support ,hardware service, software service, on-site support
  • Logistics: standard delivery, advance delivery, consignment service

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