HFC Infrastructure

The fast-increasing demand for broadband, in particular due to the various types of video service, poses a major challenge for access network operators. Modern cable networks in HFC structure are essentially well prepared here. Network structure upgrade with the use of more segmentation via fibre optics provides the basis for extended transmission capacity and high data throughput rates. As such, the data transmission standard DOCSIS 3.1 paves the way to the gigabit society. Optimum adaptation of cable networks is required so as to make full use of all the benefits offered by this new standard. This makes high demands on active devices and network architecture.

Based on decades of experience, Kathrein is able to give its customers proactive support in upgrading their networks. The company’s accumulated expertise uniquely combines HF technology and data transmission based on the DOCSIS standard. Together with selected partners, we are also able to create sophisticated system solutions.

Well-known cable network operators place their trust in Kathrein products and solutions. It is possible to establish highly complex network structures too, including customer-specific products or variants on request. In addition to a high level of technical expertise, customers attach particular importance to reliability and low running costs. We will be more than happy to create tailor-made solutions for your network, too.


  • Planning: feasibility planning, site survey, realisation planning
  • Implementation: installation service, start-up/site acceptance, project management
  • Material provisioning: accessories, consumables, spare parts
  • Maintenance: technical support ,hardware service, software service, on-site support
  • Logistics: standard delivery, advance delivery, consignment service

Case Studies

Gigabit Network

Racing Ahead

The Belgian telecommunications corporation Telenet is investing some EUR 500 million in its new gigabit network over a period of five years. This will enable data throughput rates of at least 1 gigabit per second. On this European model project, Kathrein is a key supplier for the cable network upgrade in Flanders - a perfect opportunity for the company to contribute its unique expertise in the area of amplifier technology.

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