Kathrein Honoured Twice with German Design Awards

Kathrein has been honoured with two of the prestigious German Design Awards. The K-BOW Remote Unit, a solution for indoor mobile communication, was amongst the prize winners in the category “Excellent Product Design – Building and Elements”. Because of its impressive concept, this unit had already gained the iF Design Award 2015. The interactive Kathrein Smart City impressed the judges in the category “Excellent Communications Design – Interactive User Experience”. Both prizes were presented last Friday (12 February) in Frankfurt.

The curved Remote Unit, available in silver or white, is the visible component of the innovative K-BOW system from Kathrein. Mounted on the wall, it gives an attractive impression, on which the jury based their verdict: “The Radio Unit offers a neat and discreet design, with no irritating wires. It fits unobtrusively into modern interior architecture and confidently takes its place alongside lighting, climatic control and other components of building management.“

During its development, the designers faced the particular challenge of combining an attractive appearance with the complex technical aspects of the system. “Great credit to the product designer Stefan Weber and the engineering team, who achieved phenomenal success in resolving this challenge,” says Torsten Wulff, Manager of the Kathrein Filter Division, within which K-BOW was developed. The attractive design of the Remote Unit had already been honoured with the coveted iF Design Award in 2015.

Kathrein Smart City brings complex technology to life

The German Design Council awarded the Kathrein Smart City for its clear and descriptive presentation of a complex technology. “The exhibit juxtaposes real and virtual space, with a display that shows a live model of the city overlaid with a virtual level. Thus the user receives up-to-date information, illustrating the high standard of technical performance achieved by Kathrein“. The interactive Kathrein Smart City simulates during the course of a 24-hour day how the indoor mobile demand continually changes and how K-BOW manages capacity dynamically and flexibly. “Our unique augmented reality installation is an impressive demonstration of the solutions that our company is developing for the continually increasing data traffic within buildings,” says Frank Weber, Marketing Director at Kathrein.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 22 - 25 February 2016, the Kathrein Smart City is once again a highlight of the exhibition stand. Compared to the previous year, the exhibit combines indoor, macro and small cell solutions, including “Kathrein Street Connect”. This solution was developed in cooperation with the telecommunications provider Swisscom, and revolutionises mobile communication in the inner city. At hotspots with high data traffic, it expands the mobile network capability, using antennas embedded in the ground. The system is specially conceived for use in environments with high building densities.



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