Kathrein Presents Global Innovations at the Mobile World Congress

Kathrein presents pioneering solutions for mobile communication at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (22 - 25 February). A number of global innovations will be presented to industry professionals at the sector’s most important trade fair. They include the innovative system “Kathrein Street Connect” for mobile communication in city centres and an LTE compensator for high-speed data reception in motor vehicles. The award-winning Kathrein Smart City - a highlight at last year’s trade fair stand - has been reprogrammed and expanded.

The company sees great potential for its system Kathrein Street Connect. Developed in collaboration with the telecommunications provider Swisscom, this small cell solution enhances the capacity of mobile networks at hotspots with high levels of data traffic. An especially interesting feature is that the antenna is mounted into the ground immediately adjacent to the base station, making it invisible.

Kathrein Street Connect is specially designed for use in environments with a high density of buildings. The cover on the antenna is extremely robust, so the system can be installed in roads with heavy goods traffic, too. “High-performance and reliable mobile network connections are hugely important, especially in big cities. Kathrein Street Connect allows network operators all over the world to offer their customers excellent data transfer rates in highly frequented places,” says Joe Doering, CSO of the Kathrein Group.

Optimum high-speed connectivity in vehicles

Another Kathrein innovation is the LTE compensator for optimum connectivity in vehicles. It compensates for signal quality losses and automatically establishes the best connection for maximum data throughput between a mobile device and the network. The LTE compensator is compatible with all common network operators, frequency bands and standards.

K-BOW meets WiFi

In the field of indoor mobile communication, Kathrein presents a technical extension of K-BOW: a recent winner of the German Design Award, this solution is also fitted with an Ethernet interface. As a result, a WiFi infrastructure can be established via K-BOW. At the trade fair stand, Kathrein experts will be staging live demos of the K-BOW system and talking about initial practical experience. K-BOW was recently installed in a hotel complex that forms part of a technology park on the island of Mauritius.

Kathrein Smart City reprogrammed

Kathrein Smart City was likewise a winner of the German Design Award. The interactive 3D model has now been reprogrammed and illustrates how Kathrein solutions help to create highly performant, flexible and efficient mobile networks in cities.

The micro cell area shows how Kathrein solves the problem of capacity constraints at hotspots (Kathrein Street Connect and 4-Port MicroCell Antenna). Meanwhile, the macro cell area demonstrates how antennas of the latest generation ensure optimum network coverage (8-Port and 12-Port Antenna). In the indoor area, K-BOW provides examples of flexible and dynamic mobile network capacity management inside buildings.

“Passion to connect” - the company’s new claim

"Our trade fair stand impressively demonstrates our new claim - Passion to connect.,” says Anton Kathrein, CEO of the Kathrein Group. “Communication technologies are increasingly growing together and becoming evermore complex. A smartly connected world emerges, which we actively shape. In doing so, we bring in our unique, wide-ranging expertise and our passion to connect.” The app “Kathrein@MWC2016” provides a quick and straightforward overview of the Kathrein trade fair appearance. It is available on Apple App Store and Google Play.



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