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Here you can get insight into our wide product portfolio as well as in-depth information about specific mobile solutions.

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Catalogue 2018 | 690–6000 MHz

Base Station Antennas and Antenna Line Products

  • XPol
  • Small Cell and Special Design
  • VPol
  • Omni
  • RET
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Antenna Line Devices

Leporello Kathrein Inside Connect

Integrates Mobile Communication into Ad Space

  • Introduction
  • Modular Concept
  • Specification



L-Band Antennas

Supplemental Downlink for Improved Network Capacity

  • Introduction
  • Antenna Types

Antenna Line Devices

Solutions for Site Optimisation

  • Introduction
  • Multi-band Combiners
  • Same-band Combiners
  • DTMAs and System Components

Kathrein Street Connect

Revolutionising Data Traffic in Cities

  • Introduction
  • Building Blocks
  • Specification
  • Proof of Concept

Small Cells

Data Traffic Offload for Hot Spots

  • Introduction
  • Antenna Use Cases
  • Antenna Highlights

Mobile Communication Antennas

Evolution and Superintegration

  • Introduction
  • Indoor, Small Cell, RET
  • Antenna Types

Remote Electrical Tilt System

Overview of Products, Installation, Control Possibilities and FAQs

  • Introduction
  • RET Components
  • Kathrein’s RET System
  • Control Devices
  • Adjustment and Monitoring of the Antenna
  • Installation Guidelines – FlexRET Antennas
  • Installation Guidelines – External RCU
  • Questions and Answers – FlexRET and RFID-RCU
  • DTMAs


Antennas and Antenna Line Products

  • Antennas for Trains and Buses
  • Installation Guidelines

In-Building Wireless Solutions

Passive Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Company Portrait
  • Introduction
  • Technical Description
  • Application
  • Services
  • Reference Projects

Auto-Sense Combiner

Simplifying Site Configurations

Available in English

  • Introduction
  • Features/Benefits
  • Portfolio
  • Application

Same-Band Combiner

Solutions for Network Sharing

Available in English

  • Benefits and Application
  • Site Configuration Example
  • Portfolio and Tuning


Antennas, Filters and Combiners

Available in English

  • Omnidirectional and Train
  • Indoor Antennas
  • 1-Port and 2-Port Antennas
  • Filters, Combiners, Amplifiers