FlexRET Module with New Site Sharing Features

The upgraded FlexRET module 86010153V01 is released as a new design so that in can be used together with the Gender Adapter (86010162) and the Port Extender (86010163). With these devices, site sharing for exactly two base stations can be realized.

The new FlexRET module will be integrated into our FlexRET antennas. The list below shows an up-to-date overview of the antennas which are already equipped with the new FlexRET module indicating the serial number of the first changed over antenna. The serial numbers of our antennas are consecutively numbered.

Please note: Due to delivery times between our production facilities and warehouse, the date for the start of the production does not automatically mean that the antenna will be immediately available for shipping. 

Further information can be found in this customer information.

Antenna Type Date of Production (Calendar Week) Serial Number Comments
80010868 26/2016 I0J2680524
80010869 26/2016 I0J2681037
80010872 26/2016 I0J2680632
80010798 27/2016 I0J2797509
80010799 27/2016 I0J2780974
80010887 27/2016 I0J2780875
80010888 27/2016 I0J2798303
80010899 27/2016 I0J2799077
80010966 29/2016 DEJ2943423 All produced antennas exclusively with new module
80010892V01 29/2016 I0J2910001
80010864 41/2016 I0J4167366
80010889 43/2016 I0J4337418