Antennas with RFID Spindle

Changeover of Kathrein antennas to automatic configuration with RFID

Kathrein’s latest Remote Control Unit (RCU) 86010148V01 is equipped with an internal RFID reader. Our antennas will successively be equipped with RFID tags. This tag will store all relevant antenna data and will automatically be read by the mounted RCU when the power is switched on. This data includes:

  1. Antenna configuration file
  2. Antenna serial number
  3. Antenna model number

The list shown provides an up-to-date overview of the antennas which are already equipped with a RFID tag in the spindles. Once the antenna is listed, all incorporated spindles will be equipped with a tag.

As there may be stock held in our warehouse, the serial number(s) of the first antenna with tags are indicated to enable identification if needed. The serial numbers of our antennas are consecutively numbered.

Due to a possible mix of warehouse stock it may happen that you receive a delivery of antennas without tags. You can clearly differentiate the antennas with and without tag by an additional label which marks the packaging and the antenna itself showing the following symbol:


Please note: Due to delivery times between our production facilities and warehouse, the date for the start of the production does not automatically mean that the antenna will be immediately available for shipping.

Antennas with RFID tag in production:

Spindle Type Date Of Production Serial Number Comment
80010698 44/2015 I0I4455340
80010605 39/2015 I0I3730344
80010305V02 37/2015 I0I3615416
80010621V02 37/2015 I0I3614740
80010681 37/2015 I0I3617239
80010121V01 37/2015 I0I3717431
742236V01 36/2015 XKI3607703
80010674 36/2015 I0I3696061
80010669 36/2015 I0I3597144
80010826 34/2015 I0I3488486
80010122V01 30/2015 I0I3053392
80010292V03 30/2015 I0I3051162
80010510V01 29/2015 I0I2931663
80010825 29/2015 I0I2924813
80010290V02 28/2015 I0I2802698
80010123V03 28/2015 I0I2889211
80010817 27/2015 I0I2787736
80010647V01 27/2015 I0I2789015
742351V01 25/2015 D3I2579208
80010622V01 25/2015 I0I2570351 2 production facilities
80010303V02 22/2015 I0I2242759
80010744 21/2015 D3I2178571
80010675V01 21/2015 I0I2138031
742271V03 21/2015 XKI2138725
80010622V01 21/2015 XKI2138431 2 production facilities
742265V02 20/2015 XKI2036981
80010634V01 19/2015 I0I1052844
80010309V01 19/2015 I0I1917621
80010692V01 19/2015 I0I1918272
80010606V01 19/2015 IOI1926664
80010804 18/2015 W0I1833700
80010664 18/2015 W0I1833397
80010805 17/2015 W0I1732215
80010665V01 17/2015 W0I1731999
80010684 16/2015 W0I1324360
80010310V01 15/2015 I0I1585014
742213V01 14/2015 I0I1488890
80010667 13/2015 I0I1367919
80010456V02 13/2015 I0I1366504
80010291V02 12/2015 I0I1264637
80010651 11/2015 I0I1153797
80010816 09/2015 I0I0940979
80010306V02 50/2014 I0H5079580
80010668 49/2014 I0H4972315
742271V03 48/2015 I0H4866757
80010378 43/2014 D3H4374368
80010656 41/2014 DEH4173950
80010666V01 28/2014 DEH2870190
80010691V01 15/2014 DEH1557894
80010644V01 48/2015 I0I4824175
80010699 02/2016 I0J0204404