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At Home on the Road with Kathrein

If you travel a lot, you don't want to miss your usual TV and radio channels or programmes. Kathrein has been responding to customers' desires for many years and has developed mobile satellite reception systems especially for use in motor homes and caravans. These are designed for maximum convenience and simplicity of control, at the best of Kathrein quality. Kathrein does not only offer automatic satellite alignment systems, we also include lower-priced manually aligned systems in our range.

Sat jointed masts, mast tripod stands and planar antennas make this type of satellite reception very simple. Kathrein has incorporated a satellite finder into the caravan receivers to simplify rapid alignment with any satellite, especially in non-automatic systems. An optical inclinometer also supports rapid alignment with a satellite by displaying the absolute elevation of a planar antenna (considering any vehicle inclination).