Unique TV Experience with the UFSconnect 926 UHD Satellite Receiver

Press image new UFSconnect 926 UHD satellite receiver

The Kathrein UFSconnect 926 is the right choice for discerning TV viewers: The first satellite receiver from Kathrein which is suitable for the reception of UHD/4k signals offers an ultra-sharp picture quality. The resolution is about four times higher than HD. An internal hard disk of 500 or 1000 GB provides the necessary storage space for archiving recordings. The two CI+ interfaces also enable the reception of pay-TV channels, such as HD+ or Sky, provided that a corresponding module including a smart card of the pay-TV provider is connected.

By using two independent UHD tuners with eight integrated demodulators (receivers), owners of the UFSconnect 926 have a variety of options for individual use. Four demodulators are, by default, reserved for the basic functions of live TV reception. The other four can be used according to the customer’s preference. For example, it is possible to record up to four parallel programmes, or the TV signal can be streamed to up to four mobile end devices (smartphones/tablets) simultaneously.

Fast Zapping is another special feature of the UFSconnect 926. This feature ensures that there is no noticeable break during channel changing and the picture of the next channel is immediately available.

You can find further information on the UFSconnect 926 here.



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