Security Technology from Kathrein

Smart protection for your home

Our new product portfolio, a mix of electronic security measures, offers you perfect protection against break-ins and other threats. Integrated video surveillance and an alarm system with smoke, water and CO detectors cover your security needs. On top of that, all our security devices can be controlled remotely via smartphone app. Combining this system with mechanical security measures creates an all-round carefree package for a secure home.

A burglary takes place every 2 to 3 minutes in Germany.

The total damage caused by burglaries amounts to 450 million euros per year.

Occasional burglaries are more frequent than burglaries by organised gangs.

Only 9 % of all German homes are secured by video surveillance or alarm systems.

If the burglary attempt lasts longer than 3 minutes, the burglar gives up.

There’s a fire every 2 minutes.