The complete package for a secure home

Secure your home quickly and easily with security technology from Kathrein. The following eight items will add security to your home or business. Central control and monitoring via smartphone enables you to view your valuables at any time.

Our burglar deterrence and home surveillance system allows you to truly relax while you are away from home.

Integration of lights, such as Philips Hue, via Zigbee Plus wireless network possible

Glass break as well as door and window alarms detect and report breaking glass or attempted break-ins

Smoke and CO alarms not only save your life but also your home

95 dB indoor and 110 dB outdoor alarm sirens

Arm and disarm your alarm system via keypad

Motion detectors detect every intruder

In the event of an alarm, IP cameras enable rapid verification through live video images – even at night thanks to IR night vision up to 30 meters

The water detector sends immediate alerts at the first sign of flood damage