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Our publications offer you a comprehensive insight into our wide range of products. In addition to the detailed presentation of all devices and components, you will receive a lot of additional information, numerous planning and connection examples and helpful tips for daily usage. All catalogues and brochures are also available for download.

Broschure Camping & Caravan 2017/18

At Home on the Road

  • At Home on the Road with Kathrein
  • Our Benefits at a Glance
  • New Products 2017/18
  • Solutions
  • CI-BUS
  • Satellite Reception in Mini Campervans
  • Manual Antennas
  • HDTV Sat Receiver UFS 946sw/CI+
  • Camping Antennas and Accessories
  • DVB-T2 Products
  • Technical Data
  • Advice and Service

Kathrein Euroline

Products 2017

Available in German language.



Kathrein Solutions for Hotels and Guest Houses

High-end antenna outlets and push-on splitters

High-End accessories for the distribution network

  • Antenna outlets
  • Push-on splitters

Product News 2017

Innovative System Solutions

  • Single-cable system
  • Satellite TV over network
  • Headend system
  • Measuring instruments
  • Satellite receiver
  • DVB-T/DVB-T2
  • Fire safety regulations
  • Technical data

Receiver Programme 2017


 Available in German

Planning overview

for the receive paths SAT, BK and IP

Currently awaiting English translation

UFOmini 16-Way Multi-DVB Headends

Plug & Play Solution for Hotels and Guesthouses

Available in german.

  • UFO 87-16 Preprogramming
  • UFO 87-16/CI Preprogramming

Satellite Reception Solutions incl. DVB-T-/-T2 Antennas

Catalogue 2016/2017

  • Offset parabolic antennas
  • Feed systems
  • Digital receivers
  • Camping and Caravan
  • Terrestrial antennas
  • Mounting accessories
  • Diplexers
  • Cable, plugs and adapters
  • Amplifiers
  • Optical sat distribution
  • Sat>IP
  • Sat-IF distribution system
  • IP over coax
  • Single-cable distribution system
  • UFOcompact plus® signal processing system
  • UFOmini signal processing system
  • UFOnano signal processing system
  • UFO®compact signal processing system
  • Accessories for the distribution network
  • Measuring instruments

Digital Television for Hotels

High-Tech Quality, Energy-Efficient, Economical, Long-Life, Future Proof Technology

  • Solutions from Kathrein - Modern Systems for Digital TV & Radio
  • Headend Technology from Kathrein - Modular or Compact Solutions
  • Multi-Functional TV Signal Processing
  • Features and Possibilities

Headend Technology

Modern Systems for Future-proof Installations

  • Broadband cable market
  • Operating principle
  • System overview
  • UFOcompact plus®
  • UFOmini
  • UFOnano
  • Technical appendix

alphatronics und Kathrein

One-Cable-Solution - die Weltneuheit im mobilen Bereich

  • The caravan TV systems at a glance
  • The "one-cable solution" by Kathrein and alphatronics
  • Your benefits at a glance
  • Streaming to mobile devices
  • Components of the caravan TV systems
  • Service partners in your area

Joint distribution

of Sat-IF and IP signals

  • K-LAN System overview
  • K-LAN Solutions
  • Configuration examples
  • Outlets for the EXI 01 K-LAN modem
  • Further connection examples
  • Technical Data

Cables and connectors from Kathrein -

always a good connection in 2014

  • The correct assembly of F-type connectors
  • Connector installation made easy