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Our publications offer you a comprehensive insight into our wide range of products. In addition to the detailed presentation of all devices and components, you will receive a lot of additional information, numerous planning and connection examples and helpful tips for daily usage. All catalogues and brochures are also available for download.

Grounding and Overvoltage Protection

Headend Systems for Hospitals

Features and Benefits of Kathrein Coaxial Cables

Cables & Connectors

High Screening and Easy Installation

Planungsübersicht 2018

für die Empfangswege SAT, BK, IP und optische Sat-Verteilung

alphatronics and Kathrein

  • The caravan TV systems at a glance
  • The "one-cable solution" by Kathrein and alphatronics
  • Components of the CTS caravan TV systems
  • Footprints

The Cost-effective Complete Solution

and Smart Alternative to the Fully Automatic Satellite System

Broschure Camping & Caravan 2017/18

At Home on the Road

  • At Home on the Road with Kathrein
  • Our Benefits at a Glance
  • New Products 2017/18
  • Solutions
  • CI-BUS
  • Satellite Reception in Mini Campervans
  • Manual Antennas
  • HDTV Sat Receiver UFS 946sw/CI+
  • Camping Antennas and Accessories
  • DVB-T2 Products
  • Technical Data
  • Advice and Service

Kathrein Euroline

Products 2017

Available in German language.



Kathrein Solutions for Hotels and Guest Houses

High-end antenna outlets and push-on splitters

High-End accessories for the distribution network

  • Antenna outlets
  • Push-on splitters

Product News 2017

Innovative System Solutions

  • Single-cable system
  • Satellite TV over network
  • Headend system
  • Measuring instruments
  • Satellite receiver
  • DVB-T/DVB-T2
  • Fire safety regulations
  • Technical data

Receiver Programme 2017


 Available in German

UFOmini 16-Way Multi-DVB Headends

Plug & Play Solution for Hotels and Guesthouses

Available in german.

  • UFO 87-16 Preprogramming
  • UFO 87-16/CI Preprogramming

Satellite Reception Solutions incl. DVB-T-/-T2 Antennas

Catalogue 2016/2017

  • Offset parabolic antennas
  • Feed systems
  • Digital receivers
  • Camping and Caravan
  • Terrestrial antennas
  • Mounting accessories
  • Diplexers
  • Cable, plugs and adapters
  • Amplifiers
  • Optical sat distribution
  • Sat>IP
  • Sat-IF distribution system
  • IP over coax
  • Single-cable distribution system
  • UFOcompact plus® signal processing system
  • UFOmini signal processing system
  • UFOnano signal processing system
  • UFO®compact signal processing system
  • Accessories for the distribution network
  • Measuring instruments

Digital Television for Hotels

High-Tech Quality, Energy-Efficient, Economical, Long-Life, Future Proof Technology

  • Solutions from Kathrein - Modern Systems for Digital TV & Radio
  • Headend Technology from Kathrein - Modular or Compact Solutions
  • Multi-Functional TV Signal Processing
  • Features and Possibilities

Headend Technology

Modern Systems for Future-proof Installations

  • Broadband cable market
  • Operating principle
  • System overview
  • UFOcompact plus®
  • UFOmini
  • UFOnano
  • Technical appendix

Joint distribution

of Sat-IF and IP signals

  • K-LAN System overview
  • K-LAN Solutions
  • Configuration examples
  • Outlets for the EXI 01 K-LAN modem
  • Further connection examples
  • Technical Data